Nicki Thurgar Photography | Paul Cairo
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(1) Remove shoulder/hand, recreate shirt/bench(1a) Full shirt photo(1b) Full shirt photo(2) swap face on baby in pink, swap face on blonde girl, stripey topUse baby in pink's face from this image, put in image 2Use blonde girl, stripey top's face from this image put in image 2(3) Face swaps from image 3a & 3b(3a) Put lady in white's face into image (3), put man in black behind her's face in image 3.(3b)  lady on the right with baby - put both their faces into image (3)(4) Main image(4a) Put stripey top girl's face into image (4)(4b) Put baby in pink's face into image (4)(5) Main image(5a) put stripy top girl's face from this image to image (5)(6) Main image for all head swaps. Also please smooth out/untuck black shirt man 3rd from left(6a) replace man on far left's face in image (6) with this one(6b) replace elderly gent's face in image (6) with this one(6c) replace lady in pale vest top's face with this one(6d) Replace girl in pink dress, blue cardi's face with this one(6e) replace man in black top's face with this one